Sauna Preparation 

1. Be Hydrated. Drink Plenty of water before and after your session. We will have a variety of waters available here as well. 

2. Skin Preparation. Remove all makeup, lotions, and/or oils from your skin. There is a shower here to rinse before and after your sessions. This ensures a deeper and cleaner sweat.

3. Infrared/Sauna Experiences. We would like to know about your previous sauna experiences and how your body adjusts to high temperatures. This will help ensure that your experience with us fits your personal needs and is the most therapeutic for you.

4. What to wear. You will be in your own private suite, so the decision is completely up to you. We would suggest lying in your swimsuit or nude. The cold plunge is also in your own private area, so either a swimsuit or nude. 


What to expect?

Your time here at SISU Sauna Studio will last 45min to 1hr, this will consist of an infrared sauna session (30min) and a cool room session (15 min) or a cold plunge (3-12min). During the sauna session you lay in Solo-System pod or Cabin to sweat away toxins, stress, and weight. This pod is able to reach a maximum of 150 degrees and a minimum of 110 degrees. There are nine different heat levels, so we can adjust the temperature to fit each clients personal need.

When you first arrive here at SISU you will be greeted and asked to sign our waiver. Then a trained Sweat Technician will escort you to your private suite and go over how to use the pod. Please ask if you have any other questions about your sweat session at that time.  You will be laying on a pad that is waterproof, and antimicrobial covered in a waterproof blanket and a towel.  If at any time you feel your pod is getting too hot for you, you can slide it down to let more of the cool air in. When you are finished with your infrared session you will leave all of your belongings in your room, put on your robe and head to our cool room which is 34 degrees or Cold Plunge which is 45-55 degrees. This is designed to aid your body to stop the sweating process, close all of your pores and much more. There will be a variety of waters and cold cloths for your use. When you are finished with your cool room session you can either shower or return to your room to re-dress. You can leave the towels, cloths, and cups in your room.  

We also have an Infrared Cabin available which seats two-three people. This is great for couples or friends to enjoy the session together.  The cabin session is 30min - 1hr, and it reaches the same temperature as the pod (150 degrees).

If you have any other questions or concerns about your Infrared sauna session please give us a call at 423.322.2669.