The Thermal Cycle

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Hot, Cold, and Relaxation all in your private space. we were inspired by some of the best ancient traditions of healing. You will be exposing yourself to extreme hot and cold temps to promote healing on a cellular level.

Infrared is an invisible wavelength of  light, experienced as heat, which penetrates human tissue and raises the core body temperature. It is very gentle and benefits all living things.

Here at SISU we offer two Infrared options, an individual pod (which uses the FAR Infrared) to lay in and a cabin, (which uses the NEAR and FAR Infrared), to sit up in.  Each standard sauna session is 30min, and the set temp will be between 100°-150°F.  You will have your private  room for 50min to enjoy a 30min sauna and 10-15min in the cold.

A session includes our COLD therapies as well. The Cold Plunge is 45-55 degree pool of Salt Water you plunge into after your sauna session. Also provided is the Cold Room that is kept at 34 degrees, with two private stalls available to sit in. 

You will have your private room for 50min while here. This gives you time to enjoy a 30min sauna and 10-15min in the cold. Amenities such as; extra towels, shower, shampoo, conditioner, soap, alkaline water, and cold cloths infused with essential oils are all provided with each session. We do Rent our Robes to non-members for $2.00.


Sauna Preparation 

1. Be Hydrated. Drink Plenty of water before and after your session. We will have a water available here as well. 

2. Skin Preparation. Remove all makeup, lotions, and/or oils from your skin. There is a shower here to rinse before and after your sessions. This ensures a deeper and cleaner sweat.

3. Infrared/Sauna Experiences. We would like to know about your previous sauna experiences and how your body adjusts to high temperatures. This will help ensure that your experience with us fits your personal needs and is the most therapeutic for you.

4. What to wear. You will be in your own private suite, so the decision is completely up to you. We would suggest lying in your swimsuit or nude. The cold plunge is also in your own private area, so either a swimsuit or nude. 

If you have any other questions or concerns about your Infrared sauna session please give us a call at 423.322.2669.