3 Basic facts on HOW Infrared Saunas benefit our bodies

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  • Increased Body Temperature WITHOUT A SUNBURN. Infrared utilizes a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that increases the temperature of the body, and creates hyperthermia without exposing the body to the negative portion of the spectrum which we know as the ultraviolet spectrum.  The result being an increased body temperature without a sunburn!  Our body’s natural reaction is to release this heat in the form of sweating; the sweat helps defuse the heat, lowering our body temperature.
  • SWEATING CLEANSES the BODY of BUILT UP TOXINS and WASTE. By stimulating the sweating mechanism our body can excrete a significant amount of urea, environmental toxins, and other waste products through our skin, just as efficiently as other elimination methods.  So, by exposing our body to a reasonable amount of heat for a reasonable amount of time, we stimulate the body to accelerate this natural cleansing mechanism.

  • ELIMINATES ABNORMAL CELLS.  Normal cells are able to withstand heat because of their normal anatomy compared to the abnormal anatomy of a cancer cell, especially in relation to its vascular supply.  A cancer cell doesn’t do well in a hyperthermic environment; By exposing the body to this heat, generated by an infrared sauna, you can selectively kill those less viable cells without damaging your normal healthy cells.  

Infrared benefits are bodies in so many ways. These are just three of the many positive affects of using it. SWEAT, EXCRETE TOXINS, and ELIMINATE ABNORMAL CELLS with us @sisusaunastudio.