Here at SISU we offer Massage Therapy on the physical body and also Soul Massages for the Spirit.  Our Massage Therapy is specifically designed to fit each clients need and typically follows a sauna session to make it more beneficial for you. 


Meet Our Therapists:



Melissa Taylor, LMT  

Melissa is a 2009 graduate of Miller-Motte Technical College with an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences and Massage Therapy.  Since graduation, Melissa has been passionate about massage and its effects on her clients.  She has dedicated her practice to connecting with each client, setting goals for each session and working to relieve that pain so you  can 'Relax into who you are'(c).    Her background includes working with Chiropractic offices, Massage Clinics focused on Wellness, Currently she also works with Ironman and other local sporting events as well as teaching in the Massage Department at Miller Motte Technical College.


Steve Soul Massage.jpeg

Steve Wurzel,ECP

Whatever it is that’s troubling you in life- soul massage offers a way to that deep, quiet place within where all healing takes place. Experience life without fear, stress, or anxiety by connecting with the deepest, soulful part of yourself. Stephen traveled to Kyoto, Japan to train with a traditional Zen Master at Daitokuji Temple. Upon returning to the states, he started Zen House in Schenectady, NY and was one of the founders of a mediation community outside Fayetteville, Arkansas called “The Little People Farm.” A long time meditator (over 40 years) Stephen offers soul massage, a unique and beautiful healing modality where you can find the soulful center of your life.